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LK 1910
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LK 1910

LK 1910

Product Name:

  • LK 1910 Multimedia Keyboard
  • one to one replace


  • IBM PC Compatible.
  • 15 Hot keys for media and internet functions.
  • Ergonomically Shaped.
  • Support Windows 98,Me,2000,NT,XP,VISTA or up-date version.
  • Multi-Language versions available. Key Layout : 119(US) / 120(EB ES) / 122(BR) Key. 
  • Membrane tactile switch.
  • PC AT & PS/2 Full Compatible.
  • Interface Port: PS/2 Port ( P ). Or USB+PS/2 Port ( U+P )

Mechanical data:

  • Key stroke travel : 3.5 ± 0.5 mm.

 protravel : 1.2 ± 0.3 mm.

  • Actuation force : 60 ± 15g.
  • Switch reliability : 10 Million Times.

Multimedia Hot key Function :

  • Back - Press the Back Hot Key to go back to the previous page.
  • Forward - Press the Forward Hot Key to go to the next page, provided you have viewed it just previously.
  • Refresh - Press the Refresh Hot Key to update the content on a page.
  • The Mail Hot Key starts your e-mail program.
  • Web/Home - Press the Web/Home Hot Key to:
  • Start your default browser and go immediately to your Home Web page.
  • Return to your Home Web page when the browser is already running.
  • Favorites - Press the Favorites Hot Key to:
  • Start your default browser and go immediately to your Favorites or Bookmarks list.
  • Display your Favorites or Bookmarks list when your default browser is already running.
  • Mute - Stops all audio. Press again to resume audio.
  • Volume (+) - Increases the volume. Press and release, or press and hold the Volume+ Hot Key to increase the volume.
  • Volume (-) - Decreases the volume. Press and release, or press and hold the Volume- Hot Key to decrease the volume.
  • Previous Track - Changes to the previous media track. Press once for each preceding media track.
  • Next Track - Changes to the next media track. Press once for each subsequent media track.
  • Stop - Stops the media. Press the Play Hot Key to resume playing the media.
  • Play/Pause - Plays and pauses the media. Once paused, press again to resume play.
  • The My Computer Hot Key starts My Computer.
  • The Calculator Hot Key starts Windows Calculator. 


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