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AVerTV Volar HD
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AVer3D Capture HD H727 3D

AVer3D Capture HD H727 3D

Watch and Record HDTV and 3DTV*
Get ready to welcome the next big thing! AVer3D CaptureHD comes with the latest AVer MediaCenter 3D allowing you to watch and record live 3DTV on your PC. Even better, if you cannot wait until 3DTV get broadcasted, the exclusive see3D technology can transform all the 2D live TV, recordings and movies into fantastic 3D feast!
* To get the best 3D effect, we strongly recommend to use NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ Kit, 3D-supported graphics card and 3D-ready display.

Capture 1080i HD Video via HDMI Connection**
With the AVer3D CaptureHD, you can watch and record high definition video content directly to your PC via the HDMI or component inputs.
** Capturing HD content with HDCP (High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection) is not supported.

High Quality Analog Capturing
With the accompanying analog dongle cable, capturing standard and high definition analog video is also effortless. Moreover, you can capture 1080i HD video via component input and edit your own professional video clippings on your PC easily.

Real-time HD H.264 Recording
The latest AVer MediaCenter 3D creates a brand new capture solution focusing on both quality and compression efficiency. It supports real-time 720p/1080i HD H.264 recording, which not only allows you to preserve the crystal-like HD picture but also save up to 3 times of your hard disk space.

AVer MediaCenter 3D.jpg

Intuitive User Interface
AVer MediaCenter 3D provides you an intuitive user interface with frequent-used function buttons listed right on the toolbar. You can easily switch channel, adjust volume, record, TimeShift, take a screenshot, or watch the astonishing and immersive live 3DTV with one click.

3D TV10.jpg

Comprehensive 3D Display Mode
To get the immersive 3DTV viewing experience, we recommend you to watch 3DTV with NVIDIA 3D Vision Kit. Besides, AVer MediaCenter 3D also supports anaglyphic and polarized 3D display modes.

3D TV30.png

Real-time HD H.264 Video Capture
AVer MediaCenter 3D supports HD capture, only if your TV tuner card equips component or HDMI input. To preserve the crystal-like HD video quality in most hard disk efficient way, it also allows capturing directly in H.264 format with up to 1080i resolution.

HD Capture 02.jpg

Multiple-card Support
When there is more than one AVerMedia TV tuner card or capture card in your system, AVer MediaCenter 3D can present the images from different devices in the same window at the same time.


  • Worldwide Analog TV & DVB-T Support
  • MPEG-2 & H.264 HDTV Ready
  • Live 3DTV Support
  • Transform 2D Live TV into 3D
  • Grab HD Video from HDMI & Analog Connections
  • Real-time HD H.264 Recording
  • TimeShift
  • Digital Subtitle, Teletext & EPG
  • Customized Color Adjustment
  • PIP (Picture in Picture) Function
  • Multi-channel Preview
  • Support SnugTV

  • 75 Ω TV Antenna (IEC)
  • S-Video
  • Composite (RCA)
  • Component (YPbPr, 720p/1080i)
  • HDMI/HDCP (720p/1080i)
  • Analog Audio L/R X 2
  • Remote Sensor
  • For Live TV Viewing
    • Intel® Pentium® 4 2.0GHz
  • For TimeShift and Record in MPEG-2
    • Intel® Pentium® 4 3.0GHz with HT (Hyper Threading)
    • AMD Athlon™ 64 3200+
  • For Live 3DTV Viewing
    • Intel® Core™ 2 Duo or AMD Athlon X2 or above
  • For 2D-3D Video Conversion
    • Intel® Core i3 530® 2.93GHz or AMD Athlon II X3 445
  • For HD Video Real-time Capturing (H.264 Format)
    • Intel® Core™ i5 750 or AMD equivalent
  • VGA card with support for DirectX 9.0c and HD DXVA*
  • 256MB RAM**
  • PCI-E Slot
  • Sound Card
  • Windows® 7/ Vista™/ XP (32/64-Bit)

* With VGA card supporting HD DXVA, the CPU requirement for H.264 HDTV viewing can be lowered to Intel® Pentium® 4 3.0GHz. Standalone graphics card is recommended for HD video capturing. NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 240 or above is recommended for 3D-related functions.
** 2GB RAM is recommended for HD video capturing; 1GB RAM is recommended for live H.264 HDTV and 3DTV viewing.

Notice: 3D functions are available only under Windows 7 and Vista. The 3D effect of 2D-3D video conversion will be influenced by the quality of the video source and viewing environment. For the detailed system requirements, please read the user manual.

  • AVer3D CaptureHD (Weight: 70g)
  • Installation CD
  • Quick Installation Guide
  • FM Radio Antenna
  • Dongle Cable
  • Remote Control (Batteries Included)
  • Infrared Sensor Cable
  • Anaglyph Glasses
    Note: The accessories may slightly vary depending upon the country of purchase.
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